Alpstein Clinic

The Alpstein Clinic was founded in late 2017, with the aim of offering a broad, scientifically-based range of complementary medical treatments at the highest level. If the human being is considered holistically, we include not only medical services, but also aspects of biological dentistry. As a consequence, an essential prerequisite for the opening of the new clinic was the coming together of medical and dental practice.
The broad expertise of physicians and dentists within holistic medicine should be supported by modern facilities and diagnostic equipment. Over the period of a few months, a traditional Appenzeller house, located directly on the village square in Gais, Appenzell, was rebuilt and converted into a joint practice. Spread over four floors, it contains our medical and dental practices, as well as various therapy and recreation rooms. In April 2018, the Alpstein Clinic opened its doors to its first national and international patients.

Areas of Focus

Automimmune diseases and MS
Cancer -Prevention and Aftercare
Chronic Infections / Lyme Disease
Fibromyalgia / CFS
Holistic Dentistry
Types of Treatments
Autohemotherapy with PRP
Hyperthermia / Active Fever Therapy
Massages / Physical Therapies
Naturopathic Medicines
Neural Therapy
Special Infusion Therapy